Thursday, June 18, 2015

Decennial MHICTY: 15 Minutes of Fame

Autographs...Well if I must.

Hello there friends!  Welcome to the fifth installment of the Decennial My House Is Cuter Than Yours 10 year blogiversary retrospective and more! A series of my favorite rewinds and such...all leading to a big Gala event!

This post is about my couple of brushes with international fame.

The first was being a craft tutorial contributor for a 2007 released UK published book called The Crafter Culture Handbook.  It's a hefty sized book of about 300 pages and 50 projects.  There are several decent crafters represented within the contributors.  I am not a name dropper though... 

I came up with a scrap craft that involved turning the front and back of a super cute Jiffy box into a memo pad.
You can still buy the book on Amazon...used for .36 cents! That's quite a bargain!
But as my gift to you, just click the memo pad link for my tute online for zero cents.

The next brush of fame I had was within the same month in 2007.  I was featured in a new and now defunct magazine called Creative TECHniques.  A really neat magazine on how to mesh digital and hands-on crafting together.  

The article was about Craft Culture and where to find the best ideas, material, inspiration. 
I was listed in the blog area as:
"A snappy retro celebration of housewifery.  Old school crafting with new school attitude!  This blog is hosted by groovy-keen Mary, a hipster chick who rocks her cat eye specs and punk aprons with style."

As I said earlier, this magazine is not being made anymore so you will have to pick up back issues at a yard sale.

Next up....My House Is Cuter Than Yours...The Lost Episode!

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