Sunday, June 21, 2015

Decennial MHICTY: Recipe Card Box

Welcome back to everyone still hanging in there! This is the eighth installment (only 1 more left til the big day!) of
My House Is Cuter Than Yours 10 year blogiversary retrospective and more!

One of my favorite things to do is make vintage, interesting, or party themed food.
For today's offering I scoured the archives of My House Is Cuter Than Yours for all the recipe/food type stuff I have ever posted about and organized it all in one place for mine and your pleasure!

I have always had a link to the Recipes Folder on Flickr for the entire 10 years of this blog. But I have not been able to update it for over a year because (yet again) they are being dicks about me logging in. I have the password and username so what's the problem!? They want to send me a verification message to an email that I don't have access to and haven't for 8 years. I am done with it and had to start looking at other options.  I have always felt weird about pinning my own pins on Pinterest but it is time to just do it.  It is far easier than Flickr photo loading and simpler for me to maintain.

Grab your apron and measuring spoons, here it is!

My House Is Cuter Than Yours ~Recipe Card Box~

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