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Decennial MHICTY: Themes!

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10 year Blogiversary Retrospective and more!
Here we are at the seventh post...only 2 more left til the big gala event on June 23!

Let's get all matchy matchy!
Something that I love more than polka dots is having themes...for parties, weddings, anniversaries, funerals, holidays, vacations, graduations....

I have had far too many themed deals/set ups/ hullabaloos to collect together all the links in this would be much easier to just rummage around the deep freezer, (don't eat my blueberry pie crumble ice cream!) because most of it is all themed leftovers.   I am going to highlight some of my favorite themes for this retrospective post though!  And the winners are.....

My Favorite Fam Party Theme
Atomic Town!
May 5, 1955
The fam and I had a mini party (just us three) in 2014 celebrating the 59th anniversary for atomic testing on an entire town...of mannequins!  We took reenactment photos, had a cake shaped like a mushroom cloud, ate MREs fallout shelter style, had a Miss Atomic Testing beauty contest, watched civil defense public service announcements, and also went to a museum showing of atomic age materials, toys, and artifacts.  It was truly a blast!

Here are the radioactive past posts for your viewing pleasure:

Having A Blast
Fallout Frosting And Canned Water
Miss Atomic Blast
Duck And Cover
National Atomic Testing Museum
Atomic Age Stuff

My Favorite PB Birthday Party Theme
 Vintage Comic Book Party
As I have commented in the "about me" section on the right top corner of this blog, PB's birthday parties are really my "event of the year".  I spend several months planning, researching, sourcing, and making for them.  He has an awesome theme every year but I think my favorite was Vintage Comic Books.  The invitations were reproductions of 1950's Superman membership fan club packets which included an official letter, membership card, button, and secret decoder.  For activities the super heroes made capes, walked through a radioactive chamber to get their powers, saved citizens in peril, fought spider-man's villains with their own spidey powers, smashed through brick walls just like the Hulk, and deactivated kyrptonite!  We turned our dining room onto the Bat Cave and PB drew his own comic on his birthday cake.  All the super heroes went home with comic book mail order inspired items such as Kyrptonite Rocks, X-Ray Vision glasses, and Atomic Rings!

Here are the action packed links!
Pow! Zap! Vintage Comic Book Birthday Invitations
Vintage Comic Cupcakes
Zap! Pow! Vintage Comic Book Party Decor
Pow! Bam! Vintage Comic Book Birthday Party Activities
Pop! Pow! Snacks and Cake
Boom! Pow! Vintage Comic Book Birthday Party Mail Order Goodies

My Favorite Christmas Tree Theme
Creature From The Black Lagoon
We love coming up with themes every year for our Christmas tree.  This is something that my mom and I have been doing since I was in high school.  PB was only a wee tyke and came up with 'Creature from the Black Lagoon' as the theme in 2006. He loved it so much he requested the tree to stay up for about 6 months after Christmas, which it did. During the years 2006-2008 we had the creature as our tree theme and never tried of it.  It is a classic!

We eventually started coming up with new themes every year and some years we even had two themes/trees! Some include but are not limited to: vintage metal robots, goth bands, spiders and bats, the simpsons, and cigarettes!  Here are the glad tidings links:

Deck the Halls With Buddy Holly
Light Up the Holidays
Joy Division to The World
Simpsons Tree
It's A Wonderful Life Christmas Tree
Andy Griffith Christmas Tree
Robots Attack Christmas
Wishing You Bleak and Horrid Holiday
Creature From the Black Lagoon Christmas Tree
Felty Santa Tree

Next up...Wear your buffet pants with the elastic waist band!


Jenn said...

I love me some polka dots too, but man! on that first picture all I could think of was Wonder Bread! hahahahaha

Have to say, all the themes you picked to highlight are all awesome! I was especially in awe of PB's birthday stuff!

my house is cuter than yours said...

Hi there Jenn! I thought the same thing about the polka dot kitchen! I figured she must be some kind of Wonder Bread fanatic! I bet she has matching under "Wonder" garments as well!

Thanks for your kind comments!

Crystal said...

You can never go wrong with The Creature! He has Centuries Of Passion Pent Up In His Savage Heart!