Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Decennial MHICTY: Swapatorium

Hello there friends!
Welcome to the fourth installment in the My House Is Cuter Than Yours 10 year blogiversary!

If I could pick the activity I participated in with this blog that was my most favorite it would have to be guest blogging on a super awesome site called Swapatorium.  Swapatorium was a lovely 'junk drawer' blog of old photos, ephemera, and weird stuff.  I was asked to recreate and write about vintage recipes that had a bit of a gag reflex factor, you know, to do the technicolor yawn, to blow chow, to summon the earl...

I can't give you a link to Swapatorium because it is now 'by invite only'. I lost contact with the site owner so even I don't know the super secret word to get into the club.  Luckily, I would re-posted the entire entry on MHICTY calling it "Leftovers" or I wouldn't have access to these posts anymore.  I have discovered while going through back entries that there are at least two posts that didn't get served up as leftovers. It makes me feel kinda like I let someone borrow my newest copy of my most favorite magazine, Crafty Crap, and I only got to look through it once.  They never gave it back and back issues aren't available. Crafty Crap has the slimmest chance of showing up at a yard sale as do my past posts...because, well, it's not a real magazine but hopefully you get what I am putting down.

No reason to cry over split hot dog juice...Let's enjoy what we do have!
Hope your not hungry,  because you appetite is about to be displaced!

Merry Cherry Scary Make Ahead Delight
The interesting thing about this dish is the putrid pink color that was not digitally enhanced for your displeasure but happen on it's own!

Lets Make Pie
Prunes? Or Cockroaches?  You decide.

My, That's A Huge Wedge O Pie
The pie on it's own is not visually disturbing but the image from the magazine was.  Click the link to see for yourself.  I also thought it was interesting that the recipe was brought to us by a chewing gum that is not used in the dish at all.  Which would have been weird but so up my alley!

It's Broiled and I'm Calling It Dinner
Keep your eyes shut while eating this!

Oh! The Things You Can Do With Wieners!
How wieners and sculpture can become one.

Eggs La Kang
Ready to cash in a round trip meal ticket?

Savory Salmon Slime
A cruel and vile punishment involving canned salmon.

It's ok... You can be excused from the table.

Next up, control the paparazzi!

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