Friday, June 19, 2015

Decennial MHICTY: The Lost Episode

Welcome again guests! 
 For today's special My House Is Cuter Than Yours 10 year blogiversary series, I am sharing a "lost episode" of a post I did in 2006.
I have many partial draft posts sitting on the shelves getting dusty because they are crappy.  But this post is different because it was complete and decent.  I just never posted it because I thought Sarah and I would post them the same day together but somehow we just never did.  I think it has to do with my cookies being ugly and she didn't want me to live with that embarrassment!

It's a Cookie Exchange!

Sarah and I have several of the same vintage cookbooks and decided to do a cookie exchange. We each picked out a recipe from Good Housekeeping's Book of Cookies (1951) to make for the other and look at this:

Hers for me
(l-r: Crinkles and Walnut Clusters):

Mine for her
(middle:Prickly Butter Balls, outer circle: Mocha Jumbles)

Not only did we both do two recipes, but the cookies we picked out for each other look very similar! Creepy! Ha ha! As you can see, her cookies are much more beautiful than mine... I have cookie envy! I don't understand how she got the sugar on the top of hers to look so nice and mine looks all half assed. Also understand that the reason her plate of cookies looks bare is because that's all of the dang things I had left! Too many got eaten up before I realized I didn't have a picture of them!

In the "packaging up your cookies" area of the cookbooklet I saw the image below and thought "What the....!?" Are those cotton balls? and are they gluing them on a coffee tin ...for decoration? Hell yeah!

So I made my own cotton ball adorned container to ship Sarah's cookies in. I knew she would appreciate it and it's dorkiness!

Here are the recipes for the two sets of cookies I made and her recipes can be found here (2015 update note: a link for "here" was what I was waiting for). Of all the cookies, I have to say that the Crinkles she made are really really good and I recommend them highly.

The Recipes:

Read all instructions first!

(The above is a basic recipe, to make the prickly butter balls apply the edit below to it:)


(The dough for this one needs to refrigerated for a day before cookies are made)


I can now sleep at night knowing that the world has the option to whip up their very own batch of prickly butter balls along with having the knowledge about storing them in a hand crafted cotton ball adorned old coffee tin.

Next Up...polka dots and Geiger counters.

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Jenn said...

Just wanted to pop in and say how much I'm enjoying your retrospective! Looking forward to the rest of the installments :)