Sunday, June 14, 2015

Decennial MHICTY: Sit A Spell!

Hello Friends!
Come on it!  I was expecting you!
Help yourself to some canned meat munchies and refreshing tomato juice!
Now have a seat, I covered all the furniture in vinyl slipcovers because I knew you were coming over.  Let's not have a repeat from Aunt Martha's retirement party ok?!  I liked to never get that Aspic Glazed Lamb Loaf out of the carpet!

Welcome to the first installment in the My House is Cuter Than Yours 10 year blogiversary retrospect and more!

For the first post I thought I would do a little interview...of myself!  
A Frequently Asked Question kinda thing, but that would have to mean I have had questions asked of me in the first place... I am sure I will cover a burning question that has been on someone's mind.
Well, let's get started... Once those appetizers get cold it's not pretty.
+ + + +

Why did I start this blog?
I started this blog to have someplace to document all of my delightful dishes, crafty endeavors, thrifty finds and domestic undertakings! Sounds familiar, right? 
I wanted to be a part of the online crafty crowd, participate in swaps/craft-a-longs, and maybe make a few friends.  I also had previously followed a few blogs and thought.."I can do that!"  So, My House Is Cuter Than Yours was conceived! 

About that blog title...Where did that come from?
 I am a bit of a snarky kinda gal.  I love humor like Anne Taintor:

The statement: "My house is cuter than yours." sounds like something a mid-century housewife would brag about to her fellow bridge club friends. I also like that the title can cover anything that I think is fun or cute, it doesn't have to be limited to house decor.

I don't really think my house is cuter than yours....but it is cuter than Clara's...and Barbara's...and Gladys'....

What was blogging like 10 years ago?
Blogging ten years ago is a lot different from today.  When I first started, fellow bloggers become actual friends that would frequent each other's blogs on a regular basis. It was kinda like having each other over for tea and cookies.  The web is now saturated with so many blogs that it doesn't allow much time for anyone to sit a spell, visit, or leave a comment.  I had a few lean blogging years and lost contact with most of those friends along with missing out on the "Sponsor My Blog" fad.

What about those years that had only a few minuscule posts?
During those lean years I was going through a lot of personal issues.  Not to get into the finer details but I went through a horrific divorce, lost friendships of people that I thought would always have my back, time for myself, and my house.  I didn't post much during that time because I didn't have much to enjoy and share.

Why do you still keep the 'house' running after 10 years?
Life goes on and slowly things started to shift to were I was in a more positive mind frame and just being able to have the time to create and have something 'blog-worthy" to post about.  PB has been a large part of it.  He is always cheering me on with beating the number of posts I do each year.  I remarried last year and my husband is also a huge supporter of MHICTY.  Case in point.  He is always game for what ever weird/fun idea I have.  MHICTY has become something I now do for myself and family.  It's my online scrapbook of best of times. I love to "flip' through the pages to relive things I have done or places we have gone.

Can I give out some hints of what to expect in the future decennial posts?
Sure I can!  I still need to write them but plans are to highlight some of my favorite things I was involved in over the years.  A bunch of  "Rewinds" and a then huge gala event on the actual blogiversary date, June 23.  I don't want to drop names but expect to be mingling with some red carpet kinda folks....That's enough for now, you'll just have to stay tuned!

Would you like a to-go bag for those appetizers?  I am sure you didn't eat them because of how pulled into the enthralling and riveting conversation we were having!


Sarah said...

Ha, you are totally taking me back!! I can't wait to read all these retrospectives, although I'm afraid they may take me back to the PPD tiny-baby-in-the-house days as much as the fun crafty blogger community days.

Thanks for the snacks, I'll have one of...those!!

my house is cuter than yours said...

Hey there Sarah!
YOU will certainly want to keep tuned....that's all I'm saying for now!


jungle dream pagoda said...

I just finished reading your entire Decennial MHICTY series ! So much fun !! I still adore your blog and even though I have given up blogging for Insta-ing (blogging-lite) will always be my bloggy hero and the main reason I tried blogging to start with!!! So happy you are so happy now! It shows!!!!