Friday, April 10, 2015

One Year Anny

 The hubs and I hit our 1 year mark!  And who said we wouldn't make it a year!?  No wait... that was we wouldn't make it as gondoliers....that's another story.

So I heard that for the first year the tradition is to give paper items.  Like what?!  Paper plates and toilet paper?   It took some thinking for me to get creative with that idea.

I started first by decorating the dining room with us as paper dolls!      
{To see our Hunka Hunka Burning Love Vegas Wedding click here.}

We stayed at Circus Circus while in Las Vegas.  So I made a paper streamer circus tent design as the backdrop.

I cut our names from playing cards and hung them up on the wall.
For the table covering I used a vintage vinyl children's curtain with a circus theme.

For our "Wedding Cake" we had a pile of donuts so we continued the tradition for our anniversary.

Hubs got me the coolest "paper" gift!  A memory card game from pinhole press with images of our family!

He also got me a vintage Pee-wee View Master set (I stopped breathing for a moment when I opened it!) , the last seasons of the show and vintage Ren And Stimpy party invitations.

You see how he cheated!  I thought it was suppose to be all paper gifts!
I got him a vintage las vegas print...paper.  And then I was stumped.  I thought I was only suppose to work within the limits of paper.

He has always been the better gift giver than me.
Next year is cotton...hopefully I can come up something awesome by then!


Crystal said...

I love the memory card game--I' going to steal that one! (The idea, not your actual game!)

Ordinary J said...

Happy Anniversary!!! The paper dolls are cute:)

my house is cuter than yours said...

Thanks! The print quality on the memory game cards is excellent too!