Wednesday, April 01, 2015

In Search of....Cake!

For PB's "In Search Of..." birthday cake I decided to make a Loch Ness Monster.
I used two bunt cake pans to make the body. I had a hard time getting the head to stay up so I had to place a little sauce cup covered in icing under the chin. The eyes are black candy melts.  

I spend a lot of time making the party decorations because that is something that can be done in advance.  Cake can't be done like that.  I know lots of folks decorate cakes the day prior to the event but I just don't.   During the morning before the party I am always on the brink of loosing my mind with getting all the last minute party touches done.  I decided a few years ago that when I decorate the cake (which has to be done the day of) I don't allow myself to spend more that 20 minutes doing it.  I want it to look nice but if I hover over it then the rest of the party-putting-together won't happen.  I also look at it that the cake is going to be viewed and eaten all in 10 minutes, so perfecting every scallop of icing is a bit silly to do.
So with all that being said...yes, I know that the green icing didn't make it to all the belly undersides, and sure the squiggly details along the back really don't make sense but PB loved it anyway and it tasted great!

Last up... Go home Goodies!

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