Wednesday, April 01, 2015

In Search Of... Big Foot

Operation 11 Candles
(aka PB's 11th 'In Search of...' themed birthday party)

As I mentioned in the last post, PB wanted to have a hang out party with his friends this year with less adult involvement.  Normally we have several games and activities that I guide the kids through.  After 10 years I have it down pretty well and things go fairly smoothly.  But I knew these hooligans were going to need to have some sort of direction to keep my home from going up in flames in a mysterious blaze. I came up with a few areas of activities to keep them busy and hopefully less destructive.  We had a few adults that floated around to assist with fire extinguishers at the ready. 

Each of the primary theme subjects (Bigfoot, Aliens, and Loch Ness Monster) had a separate area and activity.

  Let's journey into the woods first!
Keep your eyes on the look out for an actual Bigfoot sighting!

What man...or thing could have made such large tracks?!
Those footprints are over 18 inches long!
Where's my plaster so I can make a moulage casting?!

(I made the footprints from cardboard. They lead to the backyard and main party sector.)

What is that horrific stench? 
Oh... My....It can't be!
Why he looks friendly!  And he is communicating with us:
"Pardon me foul odor... Me had onion and ketchup sandwich for lunch."

And there is another one!
He/she spoke:
"Watch out for me random dropped scat piles!"
Well let's all watch our steps....

The friendly Big Foots posed for pictures, which is something I understand Sasquatches to rarely do in the wild.

(I painted the Sasquatches on large pieces of cardboard).

What is that?! I think it is...a Bigfoot hairball!

So what are we suppose to do with this?

Oh! Chunk them!
It's Big Foot Hairball Hurl!

For the Big Foot activity I borrowed a corn hole game from a friend of mine and Big Foot-ified it. I covered the corn bags in furry big foot fabric.
I also covered the corn hole game boards in black paper and painted on more friendly Big Foots: 

Next Up... An UFO invasion!

If you happened to wonder why the holes on the boards were so oddly placed, this is the before:

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