Wednesday, April 01, 2015

In Search Of....Go Home Goodies!

 Finally... last post about PB's "In Search Of..." birthday party details!
I went simple on the 'go home goodies' since as I mentioned before PB wanted to have a hang-out-with-friends-party this year ('go home goody bags' are so 4th grade).  I put something related : Alien (a paper craft toy), Loch Ness Monster (small bag of swedish fish and gummy worms), and Big Foot (a few hairball treats).

So now time for party wrap up details.
I am glad that I had activities for the kids to do because they didn't just 'hang out'.  They ran a muck all over my front and back yard.  They lost the 'bigfoot hairballs' and had to spend about 15 minutes looking for them.  I had to pull out my whistle on numerous occasions to get their attention because I could not begin to scream as loud as they were.  It was the wildest party he has had to date and I felt like an underpaid warden watching over them.  But PB says it was his favorite party so I have that.

I forgot to mention that at the beginning on the party while we were waiting for all the guests to arrive all the kids watched an episode of "In Search Of..." about the Loch Ness Monster. They were sooo quiet and so into watching it.  If someone started to talk they would be immediately shushed by the other kids.  I tried to use the same tactic of playing another episode at the end of the party to calm them down but it didn't work twice.

When parents picked up their kids I said' " Thanks for letting name come to the party now please get out of my house..what's let of it!"  I laughed afterwards as they did too but really...I was serious.

Next year I think it's going to be a 'have one friend over' kinda thing. The friend must also have a mild tranquilizer administered prior to arrival.   
Because these kids do not know how to 'hang out'. 

Something extra I come up with this year:
To make the food signs stand up I hot glued a TP tube on the back!

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