Wednesday, April 01, 2015

In Search Of... Party Decor

For PB's "In Search Of..." birthday party I did some simple decorating in a couple of spots.
The party took place in the backyard with our deck being the food and drink area.
On the coffee table of the deck I made a center piece of a cow getting abducted into a UFO based after an idea I saw on the nets.

I wanted the deck area to represent all of the three subjects: Big Foot, Aliens, and Loch Ness Monster.  I saved a bunch of images that referenced all of them on a pinterest board.  I then printed out enough to make several long buntings to decorated the railings of the deck.

The bathroom was not safe (it never is!) from party decorating!
I thought it would be kinda clever to hang up some "reading materiel". I made a few buntings using images of covers of The Weekly World News!
I only picked ones that referenced Aliens, Big foot, or Loch Ness Monster.  It was a bonus when I had the cover with "Bigfoot vs. Aliens". 
My favorite cover is the "Redneck Aliens Take Over Trailer Park!  There goes the neighborhood!"

Next up...Eats!

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