Monday, April 13, 2015


I recently made this Amy Sedaris jigsaw puzzle for my friend, Heather, that was recovering from an accident.  Something to shift her attention for 10- 100 minutes depending on her level of interest and current medicated state. I thought she could use something fun to brighten her day.

Artist Jason Mecier created this stunning mosaic of Amy Sedaris out of items from her "Junk Drawer". The original piece measures 36x48 inches and contains items Amy sent to Jason such as: hundreds of pom poms, felt, pipe cleaners, crepe paper, clothes pins, gingham fabric from her outfits, 9 yarn covered hangers, and a Ricola wrapper. 

(white pom pom teeth!)

I thought it would work perfect as a puzzle since it has so many little odd details to make the 16 pieces a bit of a challenge but nothing that one on pain meds couldn't tackle.

What to make one yourself?  Of course you do!
The puzzle started out as an inexpensive cardboard tray deal:

I started by covering the tray backing in black construction paper and coating in Mod Podge.  I then printed out the Amy image and traced the puzzle pieces out.  I then mod podged them to the puzzle pieces.  If you look closely you can see that everything didn't quite lay out perfectly... Sorry Amy, you wound up having something under your right eye that appears to look like bags....but it's just Captain America's shield peeping out.

 Amy Sedaris' book "Simple Times...Crafts for poor people" has a chapter specifically for crafting for the sick and shut-in.
" When giving a person who is bedridden a handmade craft, there are a few general tips you can follow.  Whatever you craft, use bright colors.  Not only does this cheer up the room a bit, but it helps to counteract the shut-in's sallow ghostly pallor."

A proposed possible craft from the book you could make for your own sick/shut-in friend is
 The Decorative Crap Caddy
Instructions:  Don't just bring your stool sample to the doctor's office in any old sack- create a special crap caddy.  Decorate a plastic container with adhesive stars.

I think my friend, Heather, would rather have the puzzle...this time!