Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Potato Chip Brownies

Potato Chips.......yummy
Brownies and Potato chips?
The Best!

I saw a recipe or two for these on Pinterest that doesn't quite give the full story on how to make these successful.  I am going to tell you straight up because if you follow their instructions you will have SOGGY potato chips on top (like I did!)

Ingredients: Box of brownie mix and ruffle potato chips and a secret ingredient 

(I use box brownie mix because that just makes sense, but If you like home made more power to you.) Follow instructions/recipe to make brownies.  Place batter in pan. The original recipe calls for putting the potato chips on top of the batter and baking.  This is all fine and dandy if you are planning to eat ALL of them right out of the oven as most of us would like to do.  If those are your plans than your golden.  BUT if you plan on making them for a function that is the following day or don't finish the pan in one seating  what do you do? If you follow their instructions of covering them tightly and believe they will be fine...not happening!  The chips will turn soft and nasty.

I would recommend after baking the brownies (sans chips) to prepare them as you want to eat them.  Just before your function or binging session spread an extremely thin layer of chocolate icing on the top.  This is to get the chips to stick.  Sprinkle crumbled up potato chips on top .  Then!  This is the best!  Sprinkle the tops with kosher salt (the secret ingredient is...salt! ha!).  I found that the brownie on it's own over powers the potato chip's salty aspect so add extra salt especially when using the frosting.


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