Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Halloween 2017 Spooky New Stuff

I thought I would post some of the new Halloween items I have picked up over the past couple of months.  This adorable pirate JOL has been on my "I neeeed it!" list for a few years.  A friend gave me this pristine cutie recently after much begging and pleading.

This skull bucket was a thrift store find for 70 cents.  I can't find a copyright date, but it's made by Empire and has metal rivets for the handle so it's a few decades old at least.

This amazing midcentury witch paper cut out came from the same friend that gave me the pirate JOL.  He passed her on to me because she didn't have her original crepe paper hair anymore.  I have seen this gal on the internets before and always sans hair.  But if you look along the edge of the hat brim there are remnants of stapled orange and black crepe paper streamers.  I wonder if  these were added by the past owner?  I am thinking about giving her a new weave for this holiday season.

I picked this blow mold up at a thrift store for 5 bucks.  I had never seen this design before and thought it could be something rare(-ish) possibly.  However PB and I were a little let down to see the copy right date of 1992 when we checked out the bottom.  We still like him though.

As I have mentioned in several past posts I have been doing some major decluttering/ tiding of my home over the past few months.  All items that I keep/purchase must pass the "Does it spark joy?" test.  My problem is all vintage Halloween items spark joy....

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