Thursday, October 26, 2017

Jack o' Lantern Breakfast!

What do all little goblins and big ghoulies want for Halloween breakfast?  This sausage headed little pancake faced Jack o' Lantern of course!  To make this guy more closely related to his pumpkin pals I added a can of pure pumpkin into the pancake batter.

PB and I wound up having our happy butter nosed buddy for dinner one night when Mr. Husband Sir had a previous engagement around the dinner bell ringing time frame.

You see Mr. Husband Sir is terrified of eating pumpkin.  As a child he heard a story from his old great great Granny Franny Jo.  She told him that one day while she was out in the pumpkin patch gathering the glowing gourds to exchange for possum hides she came across a pumpkin that startled her.  It mysteriously had the exact features of her high school sweetheart, Cleatus "Bumpkin" Hayseed, who passed away in an accident involving a tractor and a polecat.  While she was a'miring Bumpkin's pout, a fly landed on his noggin for a spell, which she took as an omen.   Franny Jo was a'skert that ifn't she turned this pumpkin into a pie Bumpkin's haint was gonna come after her.  She toted the doppelganger gourd up to the shanty for safe keeping. That evening ol' Franny Jo had to go up town to compete in a tabacky long distance spitting contest.  When she came home that night victoriously upholding her title of spitting holler queen, she was greeted with the wonderful smell of freshly baked pie...pumpkin pie.  Franny Jo came a'barreling through the front door to see that her mama had stopped by and had baked up a celebratory confection. "Mama, what have you gone and done!?  Now Cleatus "Bumpkin" Hayseed is gonna haint me!  Didja not see that his face was in that punkin's features?"  exclaimed Franny Jo.  "What you talking about, Franny?  That punkin looked just like your ol' drunk Uncle Jessichias from your daddy's kinfolk side. I had a good time choppin' him up! He still owes me for knocking over my outhouse." said Mama.  Franny Jo started to think back and realized that her mama was right, Bumpkin had a wart on his cheek shaped like a pumpkin while Uncle Jessichias had a face that attracted flies.  Relieved now, Franny Jo happily cut out a few hunks of pie for them to shovel in.  Suddenly, Franny Jo bit down on something crunchy...a fly!  However Franny was used to periodically chomping down on the little buggers so she paid it no mind.  At this point in the yarn, great great Granny Franny Jo would go off on a tangent about flies, or out houses, or the many uses for corn husks.  But Mr. Husband Sir starts blurring out and keeps repeating to himself  "flies in the pumpkin, crunchy flies in the pumpkin, FLIES ARE IN PUMPKIN!!!"

Just kidding, I made most of that up.  However, the description of his kinfolk is fairly spot on.  I wish there was a good reason, or at least an entertaining one, about why he doesn't eat pumpkin, other than him being a picky eater.

But back to our Jack o' Lantern Pancakes!  Mrs. Butterworth donned a Halloween apron as our accompaniment.  She borrowed it from her friend, Mrs. Frank E. Stein.

PB and I had a great little time making and eating these together and not having a pumpkin party pooper around spouting off pumpkin put downs in the background.  Mr. Husband Sir doesn't just dislike pumpkin, he hates and despises it.  If he could "make it his business" he would torch all of the pie pumpkin patches in the entire world and dance on top of their 'burnt to a turn' remains.
I understand though.  I feel that way about barbecue sauce.  Don't even get me started on that foul fetid fluid.  Ok, back to a happy place....Bewitch the whole family with Jack o' Lantern Breakfast pumpkin pancakes with sausage contacts and wig!

This also isn't our first stack of Halloween flapjack-o'lanterns either. Carve your way over to Pumpkin pancakes.


Jennilee said...

Too cute, Mary! Though I find the sausage eyes a bit disturbing. lol! I think your version is much better than the original. Your mouth looks more happy. Genius idea to put pumpkin in the batter. Btw, I love pumpkin!

my house is cuter than yours said...

I thought mine did turn out to be much more peppy looking than the original. I think it would be fun for the fam to each "carve" their own flap jack-o-lanterns into what ever facial features they choose. A breakfast pumpkin carving party!