Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts!

Welcome, Foolish Mortals, to the Haunted Mansion!

There are several prominent ghosts who have retired here, from creepy old crypts all over the world.  Actually, we have 999 happy haunts here...but there's room for a 1,000! Any volunteers?

There's a little matter I forgot to mention!
Beware of Hitchhiking ghosts! 

They have selected you to fill our quota!

...and they'll haunt you until you return! 

Now!  A ghost will follow you home!


For our Halloween costumes this year we went as Phineas, Ezra, and Gus, the Hitchhiking ghosts from Disney's Haunted Mansion!

The Haunted Mansion is one of our most favorite rides at Disney World.  As many know, we LOVE Halloween and we love that the Haunted Mansion is open all year representing Halloween each and every day.

Our costumes were very easy to pull together.  Phineas (PB) is wearing grey dress pants, a black long sleeve shirt, a cape of black fabric, and a top hat.  The vintage baggage is a satchel I picked up from a thrift store over 20 years ago.  I use it to carry all of the Bone Soup supplies.  Ezra (me) is wearing all stuff I already owned: White knee socks, black capri pants, white button up shirt, black scarf, and a vintage black coat.  Gus (Mr. Husband Sir) is wearing a night shirt that I made from thrifted white sheet fabric that I stained with black fabric dye to make it appear stained and streaked.  His beard is from our Soggy Bottom Boys costumes.
I made our props on the cheap.  The top hats are these shiny plastic 99 cent deals from Party City.  I covered them in black felt and attached a scrap piece of fabric as the band (total 3 bucks) .  The ball and chain is made from 2 pieces of plastic chain from dollar tree and the ball is actually a large plastic christmas ornament from a thrift store that I spray painted black (total 2.50)!

We took our photo in the front of the same historic house that we used for our Chimney Sweeps costumes and it is the Victorian Death and Mourning Tour house as well.

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Madame Leota Crystal Ball

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