Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Jack and Jill magazine October 1968

Check out these spooktacular fun activities from Jack and Jill Magazine October 1968.

 I tried my best to cover up the answers that were filled in.  I really love these illustrations, especially that peeking witch on the bottom right corner.
The puzzle seems to have forgotten one.
21.  When you go to a restaurant that only serves Pepsi products, you are in: __ __ __ __
(When we are at a restaurant and the server asks apprehensively "Is Pespi ok?"  My husband responds comically "Is monopoly money ok?" )

When your done with the puzzle, it's time to get out the scissors!
For these next couple of activities print them onto cardstock.

Make your own "House Haunted!" featuring Boo and Boney!
They look like they are exchanging jokes.

"Hey Boo! What do you call a trio of drunk ghosts in a tornado?
I don't know, Boney.  What?
Three sheets to the wind!"

"Thank you folks! We'll be here till the witching hour! Enjoy the buffet!"

And here is Spook and Pumpkin paper puppets. They do the introductions for Boney and Boo's stand up performance.

"Ladies and germs!  Ghouls and Goblins! Our condolences to you for joining us tonight at the 6 Feet Under Comedy Crypt!  Hold on to your parts folks!  No, seriously... Frankenstein was here last week and laughed his ahhhs, um... head off. We've got the comedy team Boney and Boo here tonight so keep your heads bolted on tight!" 

Here are the "At My Desk" answers for the Hidden In Halloween Puzzle if you are playing along at home, sans answer to number 21 which is 7734:

Fun Spooky Stuff!  

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