Wednesday, October 11, 2017

'Til Death Do Us Part

A friend of ours is having a Halloween inspired wedding this month and I was asked to make the bouquet.  This struck fear in me. Wedding flower arranging is not my area of expertise.  But since it was a Halloween theme I figured I could possibly pull it off. I thought a Haunted Mansion Funeral Parlor looking arrangement could look nice and macabe. 

 The bride's only request was for the bouquet to have eyeballs.  I tried to do that 'eyeball in the middle of the flower' thing but it made the bouquet look like a muppet.  It didn't look creepy-good, it looked stupid-bad.  I wanted the eyeball theme to be a bit more distinguished.  I decided to use some eyeball fabric scraps I had left over from this dress (Mr. Husband Sir and I are planning on wearing our matching outfits to the wedding!).  I cut the eyes out, mod podged them for stability, then hot glued them to the black branches.

 I also made the groom and ring bearer's boutonnieres, which were much easier.

When I first accepted this project I was very nervous of the outcome.  PB said something really sweet before I started it.  He told me that anything I ever make or do always turns out looking fantastic so he knew this flower thing would be great too. I must be doing a good job of tossing out my failed projects without him having knowledge!  I do think the bouquet turned out fairly decent though.  In actuality it looks much better in real life.  I had such a time trying to get these few photos.  My town is located about 1 foot from the sun's surface and it's about a majakillion degrees outside.  And here I am traipsing around three different cemeteries in the middle of the day looking for the "perfect" spot with a camera, glass vase, bushy bouquet and two boutonnieres on a tray....and it started to rain.  I wound up getting a slight sunburn and a major migraine headache for my troubles.  Part of the problem is I love looking around old cemeteries at the funerary art and dates.  I have plans on doing my own cemetery tour when the temperature drops to only a bajillion.  


Jennilee said...

That looks amazing, Mary! If the bride hasn't seen it yet, she is going to be thrilled!

my house is cuter than yours said...

The wedding was a group effort from her friends. I did the flowers, another made the cake and the topper, another made her veil, another is an officiant/DJ and performed the ceremony and ran the music afterwards, and yet another is a photographer. And it was all a surprise. She knew we were all doing stuff but had no idea what every thing was going to look like til the day of the wedding. Very trusting!