Saturday, October 07, 2017

Haunted Menger Hotel

Several years ago I got the opportunity to stay at the famed Menger Hotel located in San Antonio, TX.  Famed for being so old (founded in 1859), hosting a ton of celebs (Teddy Roosevelt, Roy Rogers, Babe Ruth, Mae West...), and for being haunted!

Before my trip I researched the "most ghost sensitive" spots and went around the halls at night snapping photographs.

The only spirits I was able to witness were in the bar, unfortunately. 

 Down one of the main corridors are many displays of artifacts and antiques.

The most intriguing to me was this ledger entry from 1876.

It is on the bottom of the page, a bit hard to make out in the picture...
It says 
"Hotel Exp. Acct. 
to cash paid for Sallie White, col'd chambermaid, deceased, murdered by her husband, shot Mar 28, died Mar 30th/ 2500 ($25.00)
 for grave 700 ($7.00)

Sallie White happens to be one of the most famous ghosts seen walking the halls of the Menger.  It is said she is sighted carrying towels and tiding up.  Poor thing has been working off that 32 bucks for one hundred and forty one years!

 After I stayed at the Menger I couldn't stop talking about it.  It was built in 1859!!!  It's "haunted"! From my room window I could see the Alamo!  It's next door to "There isn't a basement in The Alamo"!  So for Christmas that year Hubs got me this vintage Menger dessert plate.
Wouldn't it be fun to have a small set of dishes from someplace considered to be haunted and use them for Halloween dinner?  This plate is gilded so I wouldn't want to risk repeated washing on it....but maybe even making a set would work.  Ohhh!  What about making a set with a "The Overlook Hotel' emblem on them!  Ideas for the future!


Jennilee said...

That sounds like a neat experience, Mary! Overlook Hotel plates would be awesome!!

my house is cuter than yours said...

I could also try to pick up some metal military trays at a surplus store and mess with the fam's mind by telling them that they came from an insane asylum!


denise killgore said...

I just bought an identical dessert plate. Are you still looking for plates?