Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Welcome to the House of Horror!

Step inside and mind the cobwebs.  It took me hours to get them hung just so!

We call this area the Parlor...the Funeral Parlor, that is!

Complete with an Embalming Certificate from 1933, vintage funeral parlor issued smelling salts, and a vintage metal 'Reserved for Funeral' sign!  Hop up on the slab if you need a rest!  

Next we come upon a secret chamber hidden in a bookcase.  Contained within are several old artifacts in keeping with the spirits.

 Speaking of spirits...a couple are approaching!
Let's duck into this nearby dreary expanse!

 Yikes! Keep an eye on these two, they can be a real pain in the neck!

 Maybe a little artificial sunlight will force them back into their coffins in the dungeons.  

I think they are taking flight!  Could have something to do with the garlic soup I ate for lunch though.

The rustling of bat wings within a lovely morbid cemetery wraps up our little excursion!

These are the highlights of my Halloween 2016 decor.  There are still a few other creepy corners I didn't photograph which contain framed tombstone rubbings, jointed paper skeletons, and lots of cob webs.  Every year I spend a load of time setting up everything, trying to make it a little bit different than the year before and improving the arrangements.  I am the most pleased with the dining room wall (above image) enough so that it's arrangement could become my regular Halloween Saturday Night thing...meaning I will probably set this wall up like this each year.  

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Jenn said...

Very festive, Mary! You have quite the collection! I especially love those bats!! *swoon*

my house is cuter than yours said...

Thanks Jenn!
I got the bats from Target last year (on clearance!) I think they may have something similar this year also. Around about now I start making a mental Halloween clearance wishlist of stuff I hope to snag the day after at Target. Those bats were on the list last year and I was stoked to nap three of them!