Thursday, December 08, 2016

Christmas Care Package

 A few months back I was contacted by one of my readers, Vanessa, about gifting some rescued vintage Christmas items to me.  I have been holding them back til December to show all of these great things off!  

She was primarily looking to give this pump felty Santa a home.  He has happily been welcomed in to the fold of my massive Santa stash. One of us! One of us! 

She also stashed some awesome 'extras' in the package too:

Two precious angels and a Christmas corsage.  I don't have very many angels in my Christmas collection so I was really excited about them.  I don't have any Christmas corsages so this one will be seeing some Christmas gatherings this year!

A plastic holly and bells garland that I LOVE.  So many possibilities to use it as part of a wreath or wrap into my hair as a holiday fashion accessory.  To the left is a mylar type garland-ish decoration that I have never seen anything like before! It works really well to hang from the ceiling for festive shimmerness.

Vanessa included a couple of non-Christmas lovelies in her gifty care package too! 
An amazing art print of my boyfriend Pee-wee Herman and a vampire necklace.  I got this package in October so I was able to sport the necklace this year. Yay!
 I have definite plans of framing the Pee-wee print to hang in my house...or keep under my pillow.

She was so sweet to think of me and to send all these cute things my way.

Thank you soooo much Vanessa!  I loved it all!

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