Monday, December 19, 2016

Reminisce Magazine

 So excited to announce I am part of a feature in the latest Reminisce magazine about collecting vintage Christmas doo dads!
I LOVE Reminisce magazine.  It's an oral history magazine featuring images and stories from real people focusing mostly on 1960s and earlier.  I first learned about it when I found a huge stack of past issues at a thrift store.  It is the only magazine that I save every issue I get.
I tried to locate the magazine 'over the counter' but have't been able to. I think it may be only available through subscription. I scanned the pages I am on for your viewing pleasure if you don't have a copy available!

 The Buddy Holly Tree is featured in the Table of Contents...

and the green display shelf choked full of holiday cheer is shown within the article about Christmas collecting.
It's part of my "Santa's Thrift Shack on the Island of Misfit Ornaments" aka my house at Christmas!

 There is also a feature story in this edition about one of my favorite movies, whether it's Christmas or not,
 "It's A Wonderful Life".
When Hubbs proposed to me he decorated our house to look like the inside of The Old Grandville House, not the leaking roof and busted windows, but with printed travel posters for places we want to visit (some not real like Mos Eisley!).  He also hung a huge yellow beach ball from the ceiling and taped a sign on it saying "The Moon".  It's kinda 'our movie'.  He's such a romantic clever guy.

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If you would like to view more of my vintage Christmas collection it would be easiest to head over to the MHICTY's Deep Freezer (aka as archives) on the right side of this site.  Open the 'ziplocked packages' that are December of each year.

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