Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas Wraps

I got a little box of vintage wrapping paper at an estate sale (same one I picked up some Halloween stuff at) during the summer containing several styles.  Most of it had been used so it was really scraps but what cute scraps! Here are some scans:

The above two are a crinkly thick tissue paper kinda deal which explains the wrinkly texture.

Saved the best one for last!!!

Can your heart stand how much adorableness is going on here?!  Luckily for me the box contained a whole sheet of this print. Maybe the previous owner couldn't bring themselves to hacking away on these guys.  I probably won't either.  I think I may just print the scans for little craft projects.

The box included a sheet of matching tags!

Feel free to print any of these things for your own christmas crafting and wrapping!

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