Thursday, December 22, 2016

Santa Claus Conquers The Martians Christmas Tree

It's that time of year... the middle of Septober when holiday depression hits martian kids and earthling adults... What's the answer? S-A-N-T-Y  C-L-A-U-S!!

A classic holiday favorite around our house every year is watching Santa Claus Conquers the Martians!  We love watching the MST3K edition but also have the real deal version to view (to see the cut scenes!).  If you aren't familiar with the plot of this 1964 sci-fi fantasy film it can become complicated.  The Martians are concerned that their children are becoming boring dull drones from watching too much Earth television and want to add some real fun to their lives.  The plan is to kidnap Santa Claus and bring him back to Mars to make toys for the Martian children.  There's an incredibly goofy Martian named Dropo that is coined "the laziest man on Mars" (a line we use around our house all the time!) as the comic relief.  The bad guy-Martian is named Voldar and he doesn't like fun, children, or that "fat little man in a red suit".

You put all of that together and is spells C-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s  T-r-e-e  T-h-e-m-e!

On the tree are martian headgear, mini space guns (in the movie they used store bought Wham-O Air blasters!), movie posters, mini Santas, and little robots. 

Another character in the film is Torg the robot.  He is used as the Martian muscles during a show down at Santa's workshop at the North Pole... a mild action sequence. Because as we all know there is nothing wrong with an action sequence in a holiday film as Crow points out in the MST version.  I decided to make a mini Torg as the "angel" tree topper.

As I mentioned earlier, Voldar is the bastard of the film.  He and his stooges sneak into Santa's workshop (Mars location) and sabotage the advanced technologically digitized automatic toy making machine.  Voldar's antics cause the machine to mix toys together..."A teddy bear with a doll head and a doll with a teddy bear head!"  I decided to make a few misfit toys myself to place under the tree!  A teddy bear with a dinosaur head and a dinosaur with a teddy bear head!  I think they are quite cute actually.  
We also have a vial of "food pills" (Martian cuisine) to leave for Santa in place of cookies and milk this year.  Instead they are rum cake with a side of rumple minze food pills!  Just trying to keep the jolly old elf... jolly

Here is the movie trailer for your holiday viewing pleasure!

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