Thursday, December 15, 2016

Elfin Magic

...more 'new' stuff I scavenged for the holiday season.

I think this fellow  (above) could win the battle of cuteness any day over that Elf on the Shelf! He goes by the name Snowflake.

And this guy could kick Elf on the Shelf's keister to the North Pole and back!  His name is Dimples and is on Snowflake's payroll.  He is the muscles of the operation.  When he isn't hugging his knees he stands 15 inches tall.  He has that "Try me..I dare you." smirk on his face.  I wouldn't mess with his candy canes if you know what's good for you!


Crystal Hallowell said...

Do you mean "Snitch On The Shelf"? I can't stand those things. I'd like to see one of them run off to tattle to Santa if his legs were broken!

Jenn said...

Both of those are way cuter than the Elf on a Shelf! Which, for the record, I can't stand either :)

my house is cuter than yours said...

Snitch on the Shelf! That is soo funny! I remember coming across a blog post a few years ago where the writer said on the topic of EOTS.. "Like I don't have enough to do during the holiday season! Now I have to make sure this elf is doing clever stuff and moving all the time unseen! Not happening at my house!" I don't recall the blog I found it at but thought it was a very real and refreshing outlook. We have two elves that over the past years visited PB but only for about a week. Santa couldn't share them for a whole month, he has strict labor laws. This year the elves didn't make it at all because they didn't have any vacation time left to spend at our house.