Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Vintage Crafty

More 'new' Christmas stuff this year.  Most of these have a crafty edge so I grouped them together.
Above is a NOS package of small styrofoam balls. They are about the size of those 50 cents rock hard gumballs that come spiraling down an oversized Tom Servo dispenser.

I picked these items up from several different spots.   I happened to get a total of about 10 of those plastic Santa trays.  They have become decorative wall hangings! More on that later.  The disembodied Santa heads in the front have also been crafted into something that is a Show and Tell for a later post.  Between the two plastic trays is a headless vintage styrofoam craft with twisted candy cane pipe cleaner arms.  Even with no head I thought it was cute and had some potential...

He is toting a new noggin!
Luther the snowman kinda went on a diet and he is now candy cane skinny!  During the storage of Luther, his folded magazine body got flattened and is need of some major extra fluffing.  I would guess two readers digests worth!

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