Friday, December 30, 2016

Pet Rocks

Nearly every holiday season I have PB makes gifts for the family.  This year we went with Pet Rocks!
He came up with and drew faces for each one.  We also made them adoption certificates which included the rock's name, date of birth, and some character traits.  Here are a few:

DOB: Dec 30, 49 MYA (million years ago)
Collects stamps.  Watches foreign films. Once got mistaken as a potato.

Dec 15, 50 MYA
Likes rainy days, leaky roofs, and asparagus.

Dec 31, 75 MYA
Was best friends with a stegosaurus named Kenny. 
 Spent the Ice Age in a cave in Germany.

May 1, 45 MYA
Collects people's mustaches.  Loves bell-bottom pants.

I think they all turned out super cute.  I like PB's illustration style. PB, Mr. Husband, and I came up with the traits together which was a lot of fun.

Here are a few other PB Christmas crafties:
2013 and 2012


Jenn said...

Those are too cute, Mary!

my house is cuter than yours said...

It was hard for us to send them to their new homes. We kinda got attached to their cute little faces. We had to take photos of them individually to remember!