Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Easy Cinnamon Roll Christmas Shits

Well, Hidey Ho and a Merry Christmas friends!

I am bringing you a Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo approved Christmas morning treat!

I came across a pin for Easy Cinnamon Roll Christmas Trees on Pinterest and my jaw dropped!! Anyone that can look at these and not see a pile of crap has quite the imagination.

No matter how much green icing and sprinkles are applied...  It is a turd!
Well, so be it!  At our house we generally do have cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning so I decided to go with the idea but being for reals with it....

Start by shaping your rolls into turds and bake. Add chocolate syrup to the white icing pack included with the rolls.  Apply this to slightly cooled piles.

 If you want sparkly turds just add some holiday festive sprinkles!

Merry Crapmas!

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