Friday, October 07, 2016

New to the Tomb

Here are a few 'new to the tomb' vintage Halloween stuffs I have picked up over the past year. This is such a rarity for me.  When it comes to vintage Halloween pieces I am fairly limited in my collection...mostly light up blow molds and plastic jack-o-lantern pails, all of which I bought 15 years ago.  My main shopping venue, thrift stores, just don't have much.  Throw in that a bunch of my local stores have ceased selling Halloween items because it's the stuff of the devil.  Then additionally keep in mind that I am a cheap skate and will not pay collector prices.  But even within all of those constraints I have some pretty cool things.  
These 'new' items are mostly from one estate sale and a vintage shop in Brevard, NC called Underground Salvage Co.
Since I got so many neat things this year I decided to hang them up on my main wall in the living room.  In the above picture on the left is a super awesome treat bag, measuring nearly as big as a sheet of typing paper!    On the right is an Beistle accordion tissue paper appendaged scarecrow. Like my DIY Boo it yourself cat!

Beistle Skeleton accordion guy and a much smaller treat bag.  

Dennison die cut JOL with owly.  H.E. Luhrs (Beistle) owl.

Dennison witch and another Luhrs owl.

I am not sure of the maker of these small cardboard pieces but they are quite cute.

All of the things in the above pics (minus the Luhrs owls, those I have had for a while) came from a little paper sack I found in the back of a closet at an estate sale. Cost: 2 bucks for all of it.

I picked up these Dennison seals and Beistle place cards while in NC last Nov. setting up for Atom (Aluminum Christmas Tree Museum).  Because it was after Halloween, the prices on these weren't too bad (I think 6 bucks total).  I can definitely see them being used for some fun crafty stuff at some point.  I really love that witch and there's 12 of her in the pack!

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