Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Aluminum Christmas Tree Museum !!!

So this is the place I was referencing going to in the pre- thanksgiving post! It's a traveling museum just of vintage aluminum Christmas trees! I first heard about it last year when it was in our local newspaper ('Hurricane Alley', Florida). It was hidden somewhere in it, not on the front page or anything. I made it a mission to it this year due to my love of vintage Christmas stuffs (I have 4 vintage trees myself!)! It's located a few hours from my mom's house in North Carolina. The museum is called ATOM . ATOM is the acronym for the Aluminum Tree and aesthetically Challenged Seasonal Ornament Museum & Research Center. Love it, however I think they left a few letters out of that acronym! The top photo sums that definition up very well, I think! This year the museum was within a historic house that it's self is a museum. There were 3 rooms packed with the aluminum trees. Displayed were about 30 large trees and 20 smaller ones along with 10 color wheels and 5 revolving stands. Most of the trees have unusual themes to them.
(L-R themes) Star trek, the first tree ever in ATOM, Marilyn Monroe, and I guess, Crystal Gayle .
I know nothing about Crystal Gayle so I don't quite get why the tree has purple and gold balls and flowers stuff on it, I would think it would have long locks of hair hanging from it, but oh well!

This is the Elvis tree, Tucked in the branches were little pictures and mini lunch boxes of the King, also a set of fake sideburns. On the main website it shows that the record star seen near the bottom of the tree is suppose to be the topper. This one had a Burger King kid's paper crown on the top. I think the record star would have been the wiser choice!

This one is really funny! It's a Tammy Faye Bakker tree. It has tubes of lipstick, mascara, fake eyelashes, a ball cap that says 'Saved', a putty knife with what looks like tan make-up on it, and actual PTL ornaments from 1985. Under this tree where a few of her records and books.

Pink Flamingo tree. Also seen somewhat, off to the right, is an aluminum bonsai tree with silver fortune cookies hanging from it. And in the background on the window ledge are some of the smaller trees.

Here is a view of the third room. In this room was a Star Wars, Wizard of Oz, disco ball, snowball, patriotic, angel, and a few 'this and that' tree themes.

Even Pumpkinbutt got to enjoy the museum, of coarse this has taken when the curators backs were turned!

On the website, a few other trees that I mentioned, but not pictured, are shown. I was disappointed that the bathroom tree was not displayed this time (it can be seen in part on the website). It apparently has shower curtain rings linked together to make a garland,toilet tank balls and rubber ducks hanging from the branches. Under most of the trees displayed this time were vintage stuff, like records, kitchen trash bags in an original container and a space age looking mini TV set as the 'gifts'. There were Christmas lights lit and hanging from the ceiling and vintage Christmas kitsch decorating the fireplace mantles. It was very neat! I highly recommend going if you live near the Asheville, NC area.


Barb said...

This is all just too wonderful for words! And Pumpkin Butt is the cutest! I love this idea of concept/themed trees. Hmmm...
I always loved those little colorful carousel lights that would shine on the aluminum trees. I have a co-worker who has one in her garden. Suckers cost a fortune on ebay, but on my "gotta have" list. Did you see the handmade Christmas card I made a few years ago that I posted recently, that has a pic of wee me, in front of an aluminum tree? I'm making another card as we speak, but this time it's my dog in front of the tree. Pics didn't turn out as clear as I'd like, but the idea is cute. I'm trying to figure out if I can back the paper with a thin foil wrapping paper using fusible web, or if it will melt from the iron. And then how do I seal the edges of the two to make it pretty enough to hang on a tree? Any ideas? God I wish you lived here!

The Calico Cat said...

my GF has one of those pink trees! (She decorates it with lime gree and purple stuff!)

surelle said...

this is surelle mary allen's co -worker i really like this web site especially the flamingo tree!!!!

this tree really got me going!!!