Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Are you just happy to see me or are those Christmas cards down in your pants?

I think this is the best card holder I've seen yet! This idea is brought to you by Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Ideas for 1958.

" A snip of the shears, a dab of glue will rate you as a smart gift maker!
Santa card holder has a tummy pouch for Christmas mail. Cut out big red felt circle for body, matching half circle for the pouch. Stitch pouch to body, add belt, buckle to reinforce opening. Cut out santa's face and cap, add white felt beard, eyes, nose, cap trim. Add pert tassel ball and loop for hanging."

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Anonymous said...

I love this. I may be making a Santa with a bowl full of paper before I pack up our decorations!

Unknown said...

My grandmother, mother and aunt made a ton of these, but they were felt owls! Weird, but wonderul!