Tuesday, December 27, 2005

'Aww how cute' Christmas Dessert!

For the Sunday dessert for Christmas I tried out two things I found in 'Better Homes and Gardens Dec 1956 and 1960' mag's. Shown below is Merry Christmas Salad. Christmas just isn't Christmas without at least one jello molded salad!

And these little darlings are Marshmallow Men! "Can they be from Santa's North Pole? From Candyland? From Mars? " I don't know, but I bet Martha Stewart would have been all over this idea if she would have found it before me! Each little guy's body consists of 2 large and 4 small marshmallows glued together. The eyes and nose are ball topped straight pins (if you don't have black or red ones just paint with nail polish) The cone hats are paper, the buttons are glued on sequins and their rosy checks are actually blush applied with a q-tip. The wings are made from green candy slices and pinned in the back.
I love this little scene! There are 2 cupcake ideas for making a reindeer and a sled for the marshmallow men..Next year for sure! I have got soo much Christmas related stuff to share that I wasn't able to get around to before! So I will be dragging out Christmas for another week here!


Jennifer said...

I love the scene in the one picture - the marshmallow man that is falling, and another one is going to catch him. Can you imagine the photographer staging that whole scene?

big_girlfeet said...

aww that's so cool!! i love it!!

megan said...

The snowmen and the jello-tree look freakin' fantastic with your plates!