Monday, December 05, 2005

Our Bizarre Bazaar was a success!

Here are a few pictures of what the room looked like after we got done cleaning it out and decorating. I wish I would have taken pictures of before because that room was a disaster! Boxes and junk and posters and records! We also had to organize and clean out the back storage room to make room for all the stuff we moved out of this room! But it turned out looking pretty nice I think!
My step father made us that cool banner to hang on the wall seen in the top photo. Most of the Christmas decorations were from my stash. I am a big 1950's vintage Christmas nut! I have about 10 of those huge plastic storage containers full! So, yeah, we had lots to pick from for the decorations!

This is our wall of record bowls. Below it (but I guess I didn't take a picture) was a small shelf unit with 45's that we turned into appetizer plates (see post below this one). We had some handstamped greeting cards with martinis and cocktails, stars, and cherry's and other fruits on that shelf also. Also, I just realized that I didn't include a photo of all the cigar box purses, but you can see them in the very top photo on the left hand side. Heather, the cigar box purse genius, made ALL of them!

Ha ha! This was really funny! Eric, that owns the Cd shop that we had our bazaar at had this old electronic sign amongst all the stuff in this room. We found it and he told us we could use it, so we put "Merry Christmas Bitches! Love dixie dolls!" ha ha!

Shown here are some picture frames and a journal made by Kathy. The picture frames have little images of dice and cards and those red plastic flat backed 'rhinestones'. In the foreground shows one of five journals she made. She used the discarded covers from the records we turned into bowls . The one shown was my fav. The candles in the background were made by me but just a prototype. They had images of vintage 'romance' novels on them embellished with glitter and sequins.

This is a Santa Pez wreath that Heather had made a few years back and she decided to sell it at the bazaar! Isn't it too cute!

Okay now, a sampling of stuff I made. I made '6 pack' ornaments from Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans and bottlecaps.

The ribbon in this photo looks pink but it was red. I had to lighten up the photo to show the detail and it washed out the ribbon color.
here is the other style. I made a few sets of each design.

And here we are! The Dixie Dolls! (L-R) Heather, Kathy, me. Heather had her hair done up to look like a 40's pin-up! It looked so awesome!
We only had a few set backs the coffee pot blowing the fuses twice. Lucky we have a really great friend named CANDY, that works for a radio station and she had brought up the radio's van with it's generator! Just for a situation like this! Everyone had a good time! We did really good in our sales also. I was so busy and our room was so full of people I didn't get to take any pictures of all the nice folks that came out. I also never got a chance to go outside and watch any of the movie, but I did look through a window and saw that it looked good. I wish I had taken more pictures! Damn it! Anyway, I have people writing me telling me they can't wait till next year's Bizarre Bazaar!


Mom said...

Hey Sweetie!!

Everything looked awesome!! I wish I could have been there to see everything in person. The room decorating looked great and your items for sale HAD to have something for just about anyone who came to the bizarre! You girls had such range of things.

I am sooo proud of all the work you girls put into your bizarre, and I am glad it was a success!!


Jennifer said...

So glad to hear everything went well! The space looked really nice (any plans for a permanent store?) I can only hope the L.A. Bazaar Bizarre ( has as many great items for sale.

**Coincidentally, I made a few record bowls over Thanksgiving for a Classic Rock party I am attending this weekend. But, the same crowd is going to be very upset when I tell them about the PBR ornaments. I did the decorations for a PBR-themed party this summer, and these would have been perfect. I am very jealous of your creative idea - Great job!! Do you have any left?**

Barb said...

I wish I could have been there. How did you learn how to make the can top ornaments? Way cute! Too, thanks so much for all your comments today--somedays I think, what's girl gotta DO to get comments...and then Soulemama has 41 comments per post. Sigh....will I ever be super blogger, lol, or do I just suck at this?

my house is cuter than yours said...

I just came up with the beer can ornaments on my own! My mom came up with the weave pattern for the bottlecap styled ones though!
Thanks for the kind comments!

Candy said...

I didn't know you could leave comments on my FAVORITE website!
The Bizarre Bazaar was the absoloute BEST! I can't wait till the next one.
Can we order jewelry? Do you still have any items left?