Monday, December 19, 2005

Vintage Christmas Pattern Thrift Score!

Last week pumpkinbutt and I went to a thrift store in town and picked up these two vintage Christmas craft patterns for 1.50 each.

pattern#1 front


The pattern shown above is to make either a tree skirt or a round table cloth, a candy cane cardholder, stockings, and tree ornaments. I love that card holder! The pattern is copyrighted 1970 and is made by McCall's.

pattern#2 front

backI really like this pattern more so than the one shown on the top. This pattern is to make "Christmas Trimming Motifs and Stockings". Which means a table cloth, a mantle 'valance', a wall hanging, and stockings. On the back it has this really cool idea for a New Year's table cloth. It is the reverse side of the 'Merry Christmas' tablecloth shown on the front cover. And isn't that stocking neat that has a roof line for the cuff? I would really like to make a mantle valance, one that looks like snow ...... This pattern is copyrighted 1957 and it's also by McCall's.

Inside each of the patterns were hidden surprises. The pattern shown on the very top had envelopes of some of the ornaments already cut out of felt but not completed. The pattern on the bottom had some newspaper clippings about making bows and embellishing the exterior of wrapped gifts. But the neatest thing was a handmade Christmas card and the original idea for it.

Can anyone tell me why vintage felt is so nice and smooth and thin? That crap they sell at craft stores is blah, but I don't have any other alternative. I read about alot of folks out there making wool felt from sweaters picked up from thrifts but I live in Florida! We don't really have any sweaters here in thrifts except for those god awful fat knitted 80's ones with nasty glittery embellishments on them. And then I looked into buying wool felt sheets! Ha! Way too pricey! I guess I'm just SOL in the felt department.

I am starting to see a light at the end of my 'Christmas crafting tunnel'. It's a very dim light but at least it's a light! How is everyone else's gift making coming along? Hopefully we all will be sipping a flaming rum punch by Christmas Eve !

By the way, I have an update for a recipe link for the flaming snow balls !

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Barb said...

I love that card! I don't know about the felt. I suppose you could always use quilt store-quality (vs fabric store cheap) flannel, or even fun foam.