Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Here is a photo of my front door displaying my vintage plastic light up santa's. I used to think I had too many, but now, I am on the hunt for MORE!!! I now have a vision of doing the whole front yard in them! My obsession started about 10 years ago when some friends told me about this house in our neighborhood that was all christmas tacky. It had a scene in the side yard of a UFO landing, a ladder propped against the house with stuffed animals climbing up it, lights hanging off anything that would hold still and favorite part....a tree in their yard FULL of these santas. It was my favorite part of the decorations and we used to go as a group every year to see the display. But a few years ago those people moved or something because there are no decorations any more..... :(. So, here is my homage to the santa tree. Posted by Picasa


Jennifer W. said...

Love it! It kind of looks like a shrine to Santa.

woof nanny said...

What a cute porch. Is it a bungalow? I looooove older homes like that--so much character.

my house is cuter than yours said...

Yes, Barb, it is a 1938 'Jack and Jill' style bungalow. We love old houses too...just not the maintenace! ha ha!