Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I got myself a few little gifts, which I will wrap up, put under the tree and tell my hubby they are from him! The winking bear on the left is a brooch made out of vintage plastic buckles and the cat drying her ass on the right is a pin. They are the creations of Laura from Charcoal Designs (linky available on the right). I have been admiring her work for some time and when i saw that cute little Winky bear, I couldn't resist! And a cat drying her ass! yay!! After I got my goodies I went back to look at some of the other cute stuff I didn't buy but had really wanted and THEY WERE GONE! Her stuff sells really fast and most things are OOAK. Laura also included a little gift as a Thank you, but it is going to be a present under the tree for someone! It is so perfect for them. he he he! Posted by Picasa

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Jennifer said...

I'm in the "one present for them, and one for me" mode of shopping right now, so I know what it's like when you find something great that you have to have right now! Most of the items are hiding out under the bed until the holidays are over and the credit cards have cooled off. I hadn't thought of wrapping them up addressed from the hubby - that just might work...

(Let me know about the Pabst ornaments. I'd like one of each, if you still have them. My email address is on my blogger profile. Thanks!)