Thursday, December 22, 2005

Yay for mail! Thanks Sarah!

I'm soo excited! My first mail since I started 'My House Is Cuter Than Yours' (other than things I have bought)! My friend Sarah loves old cookbooklets also and sent me her extras! I did not have ANY of these! They are a series put out by 'Good Housekeeping' and are copyrighted 1958. She also sent me a copy of 'The I Hate to Cook Book' (not pictured). It is a half humor/ half cook book featuring instant-cooking delicacies. Believe me, this won't be the last time these cookbooklets are mentioned because I know I will be making some recipes from them for sure! Posted by Picasa


Sarah said...

Ha!! I loooove those cookbooks so much. Of course, now you're in trouble because you'll want them all! There are 20, plus an "A" and "B" (and the B cookbooklet is...Christmas!!) And so far, every recipe I've made from that series has been great. Can't say that for a lot of my vintage cookbooks!

Ward Jenkins said...

Oh dear, this is wild. I have a good amount of this series, if only for the fun illustrations found inside them. There are a couple that don't have the same neato illos, but most of the ones you have featured here do. I'll have to dig them all up and see which ones I have. They are fun to thumb through, but since I'm not a cook, I guess I'm missing out on half the fun, right?

eviedee said...

I love the "I Hate to Cook Book", it was one of my first cookbooks. The cooky section is EXCELLENT!