Monday, December 05, 2005

More bazaar stuff!

Here is a sampling of some of the smaller things we had for sale. They were kept in a flat display case at the 'check out counter'. These bracelets and wristcuffs were made by Heather. The ones shown on top are called "Keeping Tabs Bracelets" and are made from beer/coke can tabs. She made me one for my birthday and it's one of my favorite things to wear! The two wrist cuffs shown on the bottom are made from vintage plastic buckles. The keeping tabs bracelets were $2 and the wrist cuffs were $3.

This is a photo of mostly earrings. Kathy made all of the dice earrings. I made the red and black nautical star necklace and earrings and the cherry earrings. I made alot of the cherry earrings and 2 sets each of the star stuff. Earring sets were $4 and necklaces $7.

These are an example of the 45's appetizer plates we made. They also can be used as candle holders, treat holders even a change dish, perhaps! The two shown above were my fav's, the rest of the plates had a bottlecap rimmed look to them which has pretty cool and tied into our other stuff. We sold them in sets of 4 for $3.

I made these. They are gift boxes made from the discarded record covers from the bowls. They came with a really cool red shimmery tissue paper and a little record tag I made and hand stamped 'To' and 'From' and each side. We displayed these under the tree. Each set was $2.

Here are some barrettes I made. (L-R) Red bows with Cherry's, black barrettes with pink and black nautical stars, black barrettes with spider webs and spider web ribbon bow barrettes with spider webs. $5 per set.

All of the stuff shown above is some of what we had left over. I actually made a few more very pretty necklaces with sacred hearts, swallows, pistols and nautical stars but they sold and I forgot to take pictures!

P.S. If anyone out there is interested in purchasing anything, just let me know and we can work something out! I am going to be doing some custom stuff for a few folks I met at the bazaar so I'm open to that to!

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