Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Do I look like I give a rat's ass?

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Another "While I was at my mom's for Thanksgiving" adventure. The office for MikWright is in Charlotte and we were invited to stop by. My mom and I are really big fans and were so excited! We got to meet the authors: Tim, Phyllis and Bob. I really love Phyllis, she is such a doll! We got their autographs and hung out and chit chatted some. They also gave us some goodies. Yay for freebies! We all got MikWright tees (seen in the upper right hand corner), 6 greeting cards w/ envelopes, a "Mikwright Entertaining" planner (it is a party planner for one to write ideas down in along with some MikWright sarcasm, and I am all about some party planning so I will love using this book), and an air freshener (that's the green thing in the picture). The air freshener is so damn funny! It has an image from one of their more popular greeting cards of this lady with a mop in one hand, a cigarette in the other and a smirk on her face reading "Do I look like I give a rat's ass?" Ha HA! And the air freshener is "Freshly mopped Floor pine scented"!!! They are so clever!


Mom said...

Hey Mellie!

I have been just waiting for another entry on your blog. I have been looking every day. We really did have a good time meeting Bob, Tim, and Phyllis!! They are soooo cool! Have you opened the pine fresh mopped floor air freshner yet??? Well, better yet, are you using it!!!???

Love, Mom

my house is cuter than yours said...

Well I sure am! I have it hanging off of my Martha Stewart Snowbird Mountain White artifical Christmas Tree (aww love!). This way my tree has the fresh pine scent of a real tree and it's a decorative ornament also!

Jennifer said...

Not fair! Side shows, aluminum tree museums, free freshly mopped floor pine scented air fresheners - you get to see and do the coolest stuff!