Saturday, December 31, 2005

Christmas Gifties: What I Got

I received alot of really nice stuff this year, I certainly didn't deserve. Pumkinbutt got these cool vintage games from my mom along with a retro radio flyer roadster (to name just a few things). Since I see these as kinda for me too (he he) I decided to put the pictures of them up.
Pictured above are the things that my friend and fellow Dixie Doll, Heather, made me. 2 magnets (pictured at top,right) from images of vintage ladies with sassy sayings, a CD comp of 'whitetrash' music from such artists as Wayne Hancock, the Old 97's and Drive-by Truckers (upper left), a mini notepad with a retro housewife collaged image on it (lower right) and a beautiful recipe book with a MikWright card decoupaged on the front that has an image of a lady at her work desk on the phone saying" ...And then that bitch had the nerve to show up with jello instead of her assigned chicken casserole. Now, I'm not one to gossip, but can you believe how fat she has gotten; bitch, please!" ha ha! A perfect repice book for me! She also included a few of her own recipes inside that I have been trying to sneak a peek at when over at her place! ha ha!Not pictured, but she also made me a 2005 Christmas ornament of our little family's Christmas picture. I have already packed it up for next year. She made me one last year also.
I also got a cordlesss Dremel , a MP3 player and a new sewing machine (from my mom); along with clothes, a pair of shoes, craftin' stuff, and some little wood games (from Dixie Doll Kathy). I was very spoiled this year!


Siri said...

Eerie. I got a cordless Dremel tool from the in-laws, too. What do you have planned for yours?
I still don't really know what I'm going to do with it yet. I know there was a reason I wanted it, but for some reason I can't think of anything right now.

Barb said...

Your mom rocks too if she's giving vintage games. Incredibly wonderful.

Jennifer said...

You got a new sewing machine?! Does it have all the bells and whistles? said...

Who cares, you post way after 2 weeks have passed you poser