Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Scrap Crafty and a Flaming Cake!

It's a combined dessert with a little scrap craftiness also! The scrap crafty part is an idea I found on the ReadyMade site. You take very well cleaned out tuna cans, grease them up real good and bake a mini cake in them! The top layer of this cake is such!
When I first got this magazine ( Household Feb. 1956) it was all about making this cake! It is too cool looking and it has FLAMES! And there is an additional surprise to it... It's also an ice cream cake! Now, the instructions to make this master piece are really lengthy so I will just summarize. I didn't completely follow them anyway because then the cake would have been the size of a wedding cake!
Flaming Ice-Cream Cake
3 round cake pans in varying sizes (p.s. don't forget the top one can be from a tuna can)
enough cake mix to fill your pans 2/3 full
enough ice cream to make layers inbetween cakes when split
cocoa powder
sugar cubes , lemon extract, aluminum foil
Bake your 3 cakes. After the cakes cool, split them and put a layer of ice cream. Freeze for a few hours. Take cakes out of freezer, stack and frost. To form cocoa swirls (as seen on the sides of the cake) use a small spatula dipped first in frosting and then in cocoa. Apply to cake side and redip in cocoa as needed.
Make small cuplike flowers out of aluminum foil, place a sugar cube that has been soaked in lemon extract 1 minute in middles. Arrange fresh mint around base and top of cake. Light sugar cubes. Make cake's entrance promptly!(I made that line up, sounds like it would be in an old recipe though!)
One difference in my cake and their's is that, I guess, in the 50's there was copper colored aluminum foil. And, he he , if you look closely at my cake....Those aren't mint leaves! Mint is expensive! And I like to use what is on hand anyway! So, ah, those are leaves from celery stalks! Ha ha!


kits said...

So cute and delicious looking!

I even noticed the wall behind the cake has a spatula effect going on ;)

Barb said...

Ice cream as a filling layer? I LOVE this idea! I wonder why they don't have copper foil anymore? Expensive? It's like I'm making my Tie One On apron right now (well, truthfully, I'm cutting out my apron right now), and they don't seem to make Christmas-themed bias tape anymore. What's up with that?

Freddie Freelance said...

barb, I think you can get Copper colored foil from Hair Dresser Supply Stores.