Sunday, October 02, 2016

Skellimingos at Ground Zero

I have wanted a set of those skelingos/ skelemingos/ skellimingos/ skel-o-mingos for some time now.
 8 years I have waited...biding my time and money.  I am too much of a cheap skate frugal person to spend 30 bucks on a set.  

This year, the Halloween spirits have bestowed these graceful corpses upon me!
Behold the wonderment of Skull Flamingos!

And only 7 bucks each!

Flock your graveyard!
Available for a limited time HERE!

* Ground Zero is what PB called our backyard after it was invaded by at least 100 fire ant mounds over night earlier in the year.  We have since conquered the ants but have lost the battle of the weeds and thorny vines. 

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