Saturday, October 29, 2016

Witchy Poo

When asked about what vintage items I collect I generally have to default to "anything that could be in a house".  But that's not completely true...I refuse to collect old rubber baby bottle nipples.  I just have to put my foot down somewhere.  Other than that I am always finding new stuff that I want more of.

Last week a new obsession revealed it's self to me.  I found this vintage kid made construction paper witch on the floor at an estate sale.  I love her.  Look at the balled up paper warts and her tongue is sticking out..with a wart on it!  She has a pocket on her hat but nothing inside.  I need to know what was in there!  Look at her whiskery chin!  Maybe the pocket held her Epilady.

One of my all time favorite posts is by Eartha Kitsch were she stumbled on a box full of kid made vintage Halloween deals.  Among the treasures was a very cool construction paper witch with a folded cloak.

Truthfully this obsession has been lurking for a very long time now. 
One of my favorite things to do is stroll down the kindergarten hall at PB's elementary school to see these kind of wonderful things.  I love kid's art.  I don't care if it's old or new. 
I need more.  PB hooked me up with some when he was younger but I need some new fixes. 

I have seen a million times in parenting mags and other places that parents complain about the growing pile of their kid's art work and what to do with it.  It is generally suggested for them to snap a pic of the item and then discard it.  No, no. Give them to me!  Send me all of your child's crudely cut construction paper Halloween black cats with green glitter eyes and misshaped jagged teethed jack-o-lanterns.  I'll gather them together as a pumpkin patch with the kitties perched on a fence in the background!

I also need some little kids to make Witchy Poo something to put in her hat!
What could it be?

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