Monday, October 31, 2016

Look What The Cat Dragged In

 Ellie had two Halloween costumes this year.  She was an Amish Quilt Pusher by day.
But by night, she was Bret Michael's #1 fan.  

 Ellie has quite an extensive wardrobe of fashions, all gifts from her 'grandma'.  One of the oddest things she has is her doggie skankware by Bret Michaels.  Am I the only one that finds it incredibly odd that he is making clothes for dogs?  Some of the designs feature corsets and assless chaps.   Ellie's is more conservative with a pleather mini skirt and metal studded cross.

 The Fair happened to be in town around Halloween and guess who was playing there?

Bret Michaels.

We hoped that Bret would give Ellie some back stage passes but he must have been too busy lookin' for nothing but a good time. 
Poor sad puppy...Every rose has it's thorn.

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