Monday, October 17, 2016

Wreath of Shrouds

 Gaze into my crystal ball.
I sense you are seeking a super cheap Halloween craft involving trash bags.... No?
Well what kind of fortune do you expect to get from a Bargain Basement Spirit Board that has been exposed to the elements?!
I made this wreath several years ago (2012) and some how overlooked ever writing about it.  That year I made several Halloween crafts involving trash/recyclables: Spookerific Halloween Crafts.
This wreath truly encompasses the meaning of the word trash...being made primarily from black trash bags.

Here is the 'How-To" best I can remember:
Several Black lawn trash bags
Wire wreath frame
Wide Halloween ribbon

Start by cutting the black trash bags into strips.  Stretching and tugging at the edges will give them a gnarly look (this is good).  Tie the strips around the wire wreath frame.  Wrap ribbon around the frame and trash bag strips, leaving some of the strips loose.  Hot glue ribbon to hold it taut. Arrange strips to your liking, possibly trimming some to different lengths. Hang in a windy spot.
It's kinda entrancing watching the strips blow in the wind.  Hang weather resistant items (plastic skeletons, large bats or spiders) in the middle of the wreath if you don't happen to have an 
extra generic spirit board sign laying around.

I use black trash bags for crafts and parties on a fairly regular basis. I made a Halloween apron from a trash bag back in 2005.  I also used shredded trash bags to make a bat hall at PB's school in 2014.   I have used it to cover walls, windows, and other stuff in our house on several occasions to complement PB's Birthday party themes  (ex: The Bat Cave for his Vintage Comic Book Party and the Dead Marshes and Shelob's cave for his Lord Of The Rings Party). Black trash bags rank right up there with hot glue as some of my favorite craft supplies!

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