Monday, October 24, 2016

Abby Normal Brain Treats

"Now that brain that you gave me... 
Would you mind telling me whose brain I did put it?"

"Abby someone."

"Abby who?"

"Abby Normal!"

Last Halloween season we went to see a local theatrical production of Mel Brooke's musical, Young Frankenstein.  It was phenomenal!  I wish it would become a holiday staple performance as Rocky Horror Picture Show has become.

Inspired by Young Frankenstein, I came up with these ghoulish Abby Normal Brain jello treats!

How To:
Brain Molds (such as a candy mold or silicon ice mold)
Coconut gelatin
Clear gelatin (such as Lychee flavored)
Red and green food coloring
Jars (I found mine at Joann)

Start by making the brains first.  I used a Vietnamese coconut milk pudding (found at Asian markets) that I tinted with several drops of red and one drop of green food coloring to achieve a brain matter tint.  I choose to use this coconut milk pudding because it is already an opaque white to start with and I didn't have to fool around with adding stuff (condensed milk?) to regular Jello. Follow instructions on package for general mixing.  After brains have set, start making their 'liquid' to float in.  I choose to use lychee gelatin (found at Asian markets)  because it clear and we love the flavor.  I keep calling these products 'gelatin' but they are actually gelatin-like, being made from seaweed extract. They do act a bit differently than gelatin when they are being made.  They start to set at room temperature and set much quicker that Jello.  So if you choose to use these products keep in mind to only make what you need as you need it.  To create the look of the brains floating in the jars mix up just enough clear gelatin to cover the bottom inch of your jars.  Place in fridge and let set.   After set, remove a set brain and place on  clear layer on bottom of jar.  Next mix up and add enough clear gelatin to cover brains.  Place in fridge to set.  Brains are ready to enjoy after final layer is set.

I am not 100% happy with how these turned out.  I was kinda making the face of Gene Wilder as seen above when I realized that the lychee gelatin was not turning out crystal clear as it was shown on the package.  May have to try real clear non-colored jello but flavor it with something that will not add opaqueness, because unflavored jello is no one's favorite flavor. Further experimentation is necessary! 


MySpecialAgent said...

But the cloudiness of the lychee gelatin makes it seem like the brains have been in formaldehyde for a while. I love it!

my house is cuter than yours said...

That is true...Abnormal brains would be sitting around awhile on the shelf!


Jenn said...

I just made a yummy sound.