Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Salty Sweet Spooky Treats!

Throw a Hallowe'en Party 'round the Pumpkin!

From Woman's Day Magazine October 1947

"All fun-no fuss!  Just have plenty of Premium crackers and marshmallows...and a few twigs scoured and sharpened for the toasting!  Then light the candle in your Jack-O-Lantern for the fire~and share the fun your guests will cook up for themselves!  And what enchanting eating~ those plump marshmallows plopped onto taste-teasing Premium crackers!  Such sweet magic to the tongue... because Premiums always accentuate flavor~bring out any food's goodness in all it's glory!  A fine point to remember whenever you want to serve up a spell-binder!"

How much fun!  I love everything about this vintage idea.  A fun little interactive indoor marshmallow toasting salty cracker eating party!

I, of course, had to mix it up just a bit.
We used a little ceramic pumpkin instead of carving our real one just yet.  I also went with bite size marshmallows and mini saltine crackers.

An extra little spin we put on these treats was adding a dab of peanut butter (like a fluffer nutter!) and/or a dab of nutella.  Now that's some enchanting eating!

 PB has loved this idea so much we have thrown this 'party' two nights in a row so far!


Jenn said...

That looks fun and interesting!

How does it taste? I'm not really a cracker kind of gal...I don't even like s'mores, preferring to just eat a roasted marshmallow (or several!) with or without chocolate.

Have you heard of a 3-2-1 cake? I just found out about those the other day. Looks fun and easy! lol!

my house is cuter than yours said...

I don't care for s'mores either. Too much sweet. These are pretty good though since they have that salty-sweet aspect. I hadn't heard of the 3-2-1 cake but just looked it up. No eggs? No oil? Individual quick and easy microwavable servings?! I will definitely have to try that one out!