Monday, October 31, 2016

Robble, Robble!

Just about every year I have two Halloween costumes.  The main costume is our fam one with a group theme (Amish Folks this year).  I then have another costume that I wear on my own (or couple one with Hubbs) for activities among adults.  I don't usually have the time to take decent and cute photos of those costumes which means they never get put up here.  
But this year I had to show my costume off, even if Halloween is over. 

I was the Hamburglar from McDonaldland!

Complete with my own little hamburger guy from the patch.

The reason I happen to have a fun photo of this costume is because I also entered a Halloween costume contest sponsored by a local thrift store.  The contest required that the majority of the costume be from thrifted items.  I also embellished and made several items from thrifted bits. 

 I added little felt and googly eyed burger guys to a thrifted tie.  The Mcdonald's Boo Bucket was from a local resale shop. 

I made the hamburger guy from a piece of old foam padding, brown felt, and large googly eyes.  I think he turned out super cute.  I carved the foam into 'buns' by snipping away at it with scissors. Since the foam was aged, it had started to turn brownish on the top, which resembled a toasted bun perfectly!  The "unhappy meal" is a MST3K reference, more on it here.

And drum roll please....I won second place.  I got beat out by a baby wearing a leopard print onsie being called 'precious kitten'.  I didn't have a chance.

I happened to stumble on these Mcdonaldland Pinterest Boards containing tons of nostalgic images of the playground and McDonald's birthday parties and chararters.  I wish McDonald's was still this cool.  I would be as fat as Grimace hanging out there everyday to play in Officer Big Mac's head.


Jenn said...

That is super cute, Mary! I love how you put your costume together :) Congratulations on second place!

I remember when McDonald's used to be that cool. *sigh*

my house is cuter than yours said...

Thanks Jenn! The great thing about the costume having normal clothes involved is well, I can wear them 'normally' after Halloween!

I would love for McDonald's the bring back the outdoor McDonaldLand. Not some boring crappy ball pit and crawl tunnels like they have removed from most of the locations. I mean ones with a Mayor McCheese Merry Go Round and a Grimace Bounce deal. I think it would be to their benefit. Since happy meals are getting a bad rep as contributors to child obesity then having the fun playground would encourage activity and exercise. If they had an adult version I would definitely be more active myself.