Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween Treat Sacks... Boo it Yourself!

What ever happened to those cute little paper treat sacks that people would use to hide that they were doling out crappy candy?

Now a days, there are only plastic CLEAR bags. Certainly not as cute and no way of concealing the contents either.

Three years ago I wrote about the idea of making these but finally got around to it this year.

I bought the paper glassine bags at Michaels and adhered printed images of vintage treat bags (images from my Halloween Pinterest board) to the front.  I put one of my favorite holiday flavor combos, candy corn and salted peanuts, in the sacks.  I made these for Hubb's coworkers.  For the trick-or-treaters, I might carry on that tradition of putting crappy candy like werther's originals and starlight mints in the sacks.
We have the worst "Trick or Treaters" come to our house.  We have had to implement a two candy dish system.  One with good stuff and one with crap.
If you have on a costume, you get the good stuff, like Butterthumbs and Two Musketeers.
But if you show up at my house with no costume and are an adult with a walmart bag as your candy receptacle you better believe grandma hard candies are in your future. 

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