Monday, October 03, 2016

Ouija Sugar Planchette Cookies

Last year when I discovered the Mystifying Oracles of Butter Rings, I started contemplating other ways to add more 'Ouija' to Halloween.   I had also bought this Ouija Board tray from Spirit Halloween around the same time and decided to consult it on the matter.

Tell me, oh great plastic ouija tray..what should I do?


Hmmmm...Cookies.  I know!
Planchette Cookies!

I think if it was a full fledged Ouija board it may have instructed me toward something involving demonic possession but luckily it has a culinary interest. 

I am so thrilled with how these turned out!

If your Ouija tray has been directing you to make cookies, here's how:
I started with a prepackaged sugar cookie mix.  I then used a large metal heart shaped cookie cutter that I bent a bit to make it less heart shaped and more planchette looking. For the viewing circle on the cookie, I punched it out with the open end of a plastic casing from a sterile syringe.  I happen to have medical stuff laying around my house but I am sure there is something round and small you have laying around your own home that will work just the same...maybe the lid to a spice shaker?  Next ice the cooled cookies with the recipe below. I got this icing recipe from one of PB's teachers 5 years ago and this was the first time I ever used it.  It dries perfectly smooth and firm. Perfect for drawing on! Next let the icing dry.  I let mine dry for 24 hours before drawing on the cookies, but I bet it can be done sooner. I then dusted the tops with cocoa powder.  I did this to make the cookies look kinda aged.  I think it could work even better by adding some cocoa powder to the icing recipe. Lastly, I used a food marker to write "Mystifying Oracle" and some sketchy lines along the edge.  The lettering is by no means perfect but I don't think it should be.  They are cookies, they are going to be eaten.  Why spend 20 minutes per cookie decorating it when it takes 20 seconds to eat it?

Let the spirits from beyond direct you in this endeavor!

1 1/2 cup confectioner sugar
2 tablespoons milk

Sift sugar into glass bowl, add milk, and stir. 
 If icing is too stiff add more milk. 
 Spread on cooled cookies. 
 Icing will set when completely dry.

If you need even more Ouija in your life, meander around Museum of Talkingboards for history, facts, and examples of over 100 styles of talking boards and planchettes!

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